React developer

Job description

We’re looking for React developers who can help us maintain the current version of and deliver the next iterations of!

About us… we’re a team of 6 developers who build and maintain all the microservices (around 30) and all the frontend applications (around 6) for We mostly prefer Functional Programming over Object Oriented Programming.

On the frontend, we love React and Graphql with Apollo, and we’re building a design system with CSS-in-JS. We’re really into performance and are constantly working towards making sure our site loads fast regardless of your connection, your device and your geographical location!

On the backend, we’ve built most of our applications in Node and a few in Elixir. For storing data, we love Mongodb, for sending messages between applications we rely on Rabbitmq and finally for caching we love Redis.

The developers we’re looking for are frontend developers who are interested in becoming full stack developers in the long run! You’ll start off by maintaining our frontend applications and gradually be included in working on the backend.


We need you to know how to build applications in React, have experience with what are Higher Order Components. We’re moving towards Hooks, but have not migrated yet, so if you have experience, that’s a definite plus!

We love the idea of unit testing our frontend, but being honest… we have no tests. We’re a project that moves really fast, so automatic testing is something we plan to have but are not prioritizing at the moment.

You should definitely know all things CSS, namely how to build a layout with CSS grid and flexbox, know how to use media queries to make a website responsive, how browsers use specificity to decide which CSS rules to apply in what order as well as how the position property works.

What you can expect of us:

  • A fun, fair and fast work place
  • Competitive pay
  • A work environment that welcomes your ideas and suggestions, big or small
  • The best work parties and events
  • A company gym membership at one of the largest gyms in Estonia
  • Unique personal development opportunities within the company
  • Flexible holiday structure and sick pay
  • Multiple possibilities to attend conferences and events
  • No corporate BS
  • Comfortable offices with plenty of fruit, drinks and good vibes

If you feel you belong with us, please apply now!